Zoom To command

The Zoom To command enables the user to search and zoom to a specific location or address on the Map View.

To use this command, the user must have a Base Map Layer added to the project. See this article on how to add a Base Map Layer to a project. In addition, a CRS (Coordinate Reference System) must have been defined for the project. See this article on how to assign a CRS to a project.

Follow these steps to use the Zoom To command:

  1. To zoom to a location, right-click on the Map Data Layers panel and then select Zoom To from the displayed context menu. Alternatively, press Ctrl+F from the Map View.
    Map Data Layers panel
  1. The Zoom To dialog box will be displayed.
    Zoom To dialog box
  1. Select one of the tabs to use to zoom to a location:
    • Address
    • Location
    • X-Y Coordinates
    • Latitude-Longitude
  1. In the Location tab, enter the desired location and then click the [Go] button. The software will search for that location. After completing its search, various corresponding locations will be listed. Double-click on one of the locations to go to the specified location.
    Yorktown location tab
  1. The software will then zoom to the selected location on the Map View.

Note that the software will not be able to zoom to the selected location if the location is outside of the project’s defined CRS (Coordinate Reference System) bounds. If this occurs, the software will display an informational dialog box describing the issue.

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