Reload Layer command

The software allows the user to reload a layer by right-clicking on the layer and selecting the Reload Layer command. For example, to reload an external AutoCAD drawing that has just changed, use the Reload Layer command. This prevents the user from having to unload the drawing and then reopening the new drawing. Similarly, if you have made changes to the HEC‑RAS model external from GeoHECRAS using the US Army Corps HEC‑RAS software, reloading the HEC‑RAS model will cause those changes to be reflected in the HEC‑RAS model contained within GeoHECRAS.

Note that any modified layer options, such as AutoCAD layer visibility, color changes, assigned coordinate reference system, and other options are retained for the newly reloaded layer.

Follow these steps to reload a layer:

  1. From the Map Data Layers panel, right-click on the layer to reload, and then select Reload from the displayed context menu.Select Reload from Map Data Layers panel
  2. The Reload Layer dialog box will appear.Reload Layer dialog box
  3. Click the [Select…] button and a dialog box will open. Select the file to reload. After loading the file it will be displayed in the Map View.

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