Printing the Map View

It is easy to create professional print outs of project models from our engineering software, as well as export the project to a graphic output file or PDF file.

Printing and exporting of the Map View is controlled from the Print and Publish panel. In the Map Explorer, click on the Print and Publish panel to expand and view its options for printing and publishing the Map View.

Use the Output drop-down to select the desired output format. The available options are as follows:

  • Print the Map View
  • Export the Map View to a graphic file
  • Export the Map View to a PDF file
  • Create a video of the Map View

Please note that the other parameters change depending on the selected output type.

The Map scale bar and Enhanced lines checkbox options are unchecked by default. Check the Map scale bar option to have a map scale bar and check the Enhanced lines option to intensify the background on the printed output.

When printing or exporting the Map View, the main display will show the extent of the data included in the output.

When creating a video of the Map View, the Print and Publish panel will change, allowing the user to select the video resolution to create. Click the [Record] button to start recording the video of the Map View.

The following tutorial video demonstrates how to create a 3D flyby animation video using the Print and Publish panel.

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