How to Import a HEC-RAS Model?

GeoHECRAS is a data wrapper to the HEC‑RAS software. It is quite easy to import any existing HEC‑RAS model.

Follow these steps to import a HEC‑RAS model:

  1. Select Input | Import HEC‑RAS from the ribbon menu.
    Import a HEC-RAS Models
  2. The Import HEC‑RAS Project dialog box will be displayed.Import HEC‑RAS Project/Model dialog box
  3. Click the […] file browse to select the HEC‑RAS project file. The software will display the Import HEC‑RAS Project File dialog box. After selecting a HEC‑RAS project file, the user will be returned to this dialog box.
  4. The Import HEC‑RAS Project dialog box provides the ability to import a specific scenario (or plan) from the HEC‑RAS model. This is helpful with extremely large HEC‑RAS models where only one scenario needs to be considered. By default all scenarios will be imported.
  5. The Fix intersecting geometries in HEC‑RAS model data checkbox option is used when schematic HEC‑RAS models that are not georeferenced are imported. The software will auto-detect when to apply this option and the user does not need to override this option.
  6. When all of the options have been properly defined, click the [Import] button to import the HEC‑RAS project. After the HEC‑RAS is imported, the extent of the model will be displayed in the Map View.

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